Prime Advice. Appraisal. ranks among the marekt leaders by professional appraisal organizations and banks, including Sberbank RF. An important part of our work is to build realistic financial models for customers regardless of their industry. Networking with field experts and R&D institutions helps to provide top quality review of production processes and corporate economic indicators. ‘Prime Advice. Appraisal’ creates up-to-date appraisal tools for the practical work with non-public company debts.


We specialize in valuation of property complexes, corporate debts, business, investment projects.


We provide qualified inventory of real and financial assets of enterprises. Real assets are presented in the following forms: fixed assets, construction in progress and stocks. Financial assets: accounts receivable and financial investments.

Production Process Analysis

We fully disclose to customers the details of production and technological processes and economy of the enterprises. An important part of our work is to build a realistic financial model for company regardless of its industry.