Auditing has always played a special role for Prime Advice. Since 1996 our team has been performing complex auditing projects for finance departments of client companies, realizing hundreds of successful auditing projects with both Russian and foreign partners.

The advantages of Prime Advice include the extensive experience of our experts, our adherence to principles of independence and our commitment to unconditional defense of interests of our clients. However, what truly sets Prime Advice apart is our unique ability to participate in the most complex projects that require expertise in various fields, such as auditing, valuation and law.

In the year 2000 Prime Advice has successfully passed audit for compliance with international standards of HLB International and was made a member of this network. According to the International Accounting Bulletin, HLB International is among the 12 world's largest auditing and consulting agencies and associations.

Prime Advice is also one of the 25 founders of the Institute of Professional Auditors. Since its founding, more than 300 Russian auditing companies have become its members.

Our auditing services

  • Auditing of statements drawn up subject to the RAS, IFRS, US GAAP and other standards
  • Accounts, tax, governance and manufacturing auditing
  • Due diligence of finances and taxes
  • Transformation and consolidation of financial statements  
  • Yearly financial auditing by Russian standards
  • Development of accounting methodologies and practices.