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What threatens international tax transparency? — Prime Advice Business Breakfast at the Four Seasons Hotel

On April, 5th the Four Seasons Hotel hosted a business breakfast for the clients of Prime Advice. The event was devoted to the international tax transparency and the threats that pose new legislative initiatives of different countries in this area.

Head of International Projects Department Konstantin Ziyatdinov told the clients what may happen if the automation tax information exchange between countries will become a reality including for Russian owners of assets.

The participants of the event discussed the following topics:

- The global fight against tax evasion: what, where, when and how it will happen

- Banking secrecy: banks, notaries and other sources of information about assets

- Real or imaginary fears: what to do with existing structures?

The commentories of invited experts - our Swiss colleagues, representing the banking sector, together with practical recommendations of Konstantin Ziyatdinov allowed participants to compile the complete picture of what is happening in the field of international tax planning and what steps should be taken to business in this respect.