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Anna Volynets takes part in the Delovoy Peterburg’s round table dedicated to the issues of business inheritance

On February 5, Anna Volynets, lawyer, project manager of the Prime Advice Law Firm, was a speaker at the round table held by the Delovoy Peterburg on the topic "Inheritance of Business 2021".

The legislation does not regulate the specifics of business inheritance. In general, the transfer of shares in the capital or shares, as well as directly owned objects, is allowed. The norms of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, which have been in force for two and a half years, provide for the creation of inheritance funds and the consolidation of the will to manage companies in the will. All people are mortal, and it is desirable for any owner of a fortune and an entrepreneur to decide in advance the issue of transferring their assets to their heirs. The sudden departure of the owner and the head of the company from life can paralyze its activities and result in large losses — these and other problems of business transfer were discussed by experts at the professional meeting.

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