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Ekaterina Mikhalskaya and Tatiana Tereshchenko take part in the Employing Workers 2021 project

Ekaterina Mikhalskaya, Managing Partner, and Tatiana Tereshchenko, Head of the analytical department of Prime Advice, took part in the World Bank Group's Employing Workers 2021 project.

The Employing Workers (EW) project is conducted by the World Bank Group and collects data on labor laws and regulations to measure the flexibility of labor laws in terms of hiring procedures, working hours, dismissal rules, and total costs. The purpose of the study is to serve as a source of information for policy makers, academics, researchers, and the private sector interested in studying labor laws around the world. The project collects and analyzes comprehensive quantitative data to compare labor laws in different countries at different times. The data covers 191 countries and is published annually.

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