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“How to use trusts for Asset Protection and management” — Ksenia Komkova’s online seminars for the Institute of Advocacy

On April 1 and 2, Ksenia Komkova, a leading lawyer of the International Projects Department of Prime Advice, will talk about how to use trusts for asset protection and management at the online seminars of the Institute of Advocacy.

Wealthy citizens often turn to a lawyer for advice on ways to protect the acquired property or options for its transfer to heirs. A lawyer can offer a trust as one of the most popular money management tools in the world.

The event will definitely be useful to you if you:

  • advise business owners and wealthy individuals;
  • represent the interests of different participants in bankruptcy proceedings;
  • search for debtors' assets abroad.

At the seminar, we will understand:

  • how effective is the trust in solving complex tasks of asset protection, inheritance planning and tax optimization, what opportunities it opens up and what risks it carries;
  • what is the secret of international recognition of trusts and what "pitfalls" should be taken into account;
  • what are the risks of founders of trusts that transfer property into the wrong hands;
  • how trust beneficiaries can protect their rights;
  • does it make sense to declare the trust invalid?;
  • what should a bona fide acquirer of property that has been transferred to a trust do?;
  • whether to establish trusts for inheritance planning or tax optimization purposes.

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