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Oleg Ganyushin will hold an online seminar for the Institute of Advocacy

On March 24, Oleg Ganyushin, Project Manager of Prime Advice, will talk about assurances about the circumstances and compensation of losses at the online seminar of the Institute of Advocacy.

Assurances about the circumstances and compensation for losses are key tools for structuring transactions for the acquisition of businesses, large blocks of shares, assets, and real estate.

Learn how these tools should be used correctly and effectively in contract work.

What will be discussed:

  • review of the rules on assurances of circumstances and compensation for losses;
  • what assurances can be given, how to effectively use this legal instrument;
  • how and what results of the conducted Due Diligence should be used to form conditions for assurances and compensation of losses;
  • problems with providing "future-proof" assurances (guarantees);
  • issues of the subject composition of agreements on assurances and compensation for losses;
  • reduced compensation for loss recovery;
  • differentiation of the institutions of assurances about the circumstances, negative obligations, compensation for losses, refusal to exercise the right and penalty.

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