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On April 16, Ekaterina Mikhalskaya speaks at the Forbes bankruptcy conference

On April 16, Ekaterina Mikhalskaya, Managing Partner of Prime Advice, will speak at the conference "Bankruptcies, Restructurings, Corporate Conflicts: Landmark Cases and Lawsuits in Modern Russia" organized by Forbes Congress in Moscow. The topic of the speech: "You are Ariadne, and the thread is working, but Theseus could not cope with the excitement: why there is more psychology than law in the bankruptcy of physicists."

The session "Bankruptcy of individuals and loan guarantors" will present high-profile cases of personal bankruptcies and legal aspects related to these bankruptcies. These are stories where the interests of individuals, corporations and the state intersect, and the amount of credit claims exceeds billions of rubles. These stories are difficult to unravel, they are based on the complex structured businesses of debtors who work in different sectors of the economy and a variety of jurisdictions.

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