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Tatiana Makritskaya,
Business Development Officer

+7 (812) 449 50 00

Galiia Mukhametdinova,
Marketing and Public Relations Specialist

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«Prime Advice» follows the principle of information openness and responds flexibly to requests from the press.

If this does not conflict with the confidentiality agreements, the Group's experts are ready to provide comments on a wide range of economic and legal issues, innovations in legislation and changes in judicial practice. Thanks to their long-term experience in supporting various projects and their deep knowledge of Russian legislation, specialists of «Prime Advice» are the authors of analytical articles and reviews that contain recommendations for solving various business issues.

Our press service is open to many forms of cooperation with the media and contributes to the writing of materials on topics related to the profile of the Group.

We are happy to cooperate!

Tatyana Makritskaya,
Business Development Officer of Prime Advice Consulting Group