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“Do I need to run and buy dollars right now” — Ruslan Mukhametshin for “Secret firmy”

Oil is falling, the US dollar is going up, and a new tax has been introduced on bank savings, which are over a million rubles. Do I need to withdraw rubles and buy foreign currency now?

Ruslan Mukhametshin, head of the consulting and evaluation department of the Prime Advice Consulting Group:

It is unwise to frantically exchange rubles for foreign currency in the short term. The ruble has already weakened by almost 25%. You should have changed the currency a little earlier. Making forecasts about the price of oil, and even more so the ruble exchange rate in general is a thankless task in the current realities. On the one hand, there are low oil prices, on the other — border closures and quarantines. It is difficult to guess how this will affect the exchange rate.

There may be one tip: if you were going to buy something for yourself: real estate, a car, and so on, and not with the last money, perhaps this time has come. And if this money is not the last, there is a chance to buy assets cheaper than the market in a panic situation.

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