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“How the legal services market has changed during the pandemic” — Oleg Ganyushin for RBC Pro

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the legal consulting market is experiencing growth in a number of areas. Business generates a huge demand for explanations of numerous changes in legislation: new restrictions and prohibitions, obligations to employees and contractors, and finally, opportunities to use support measures that are still guaranteed by the Federal and regional authorities. It is not possible for entrepreneurs to understand all this without a hint.

Best of all, the problems in understanding regulatory regulation are shown by an excerpt from the recommendations of the Ministry of labor of March 26: "a non-Working day does not apply to weekends and non-working days, so payment is made in the usual, not increased amount." The explanation is correct, but the situation with clarity of this is bleak,

— says Oleg Ganyushin, project manager of Prime Advice Law Office.

Therefore, even those clients who have not used the services of law firms for years, preferring their internal legal divisions, are now forced to seek advice in order to quickly understand the full scope of new legal information.

Clients preferred to solve such issues with the help of internal legal departments, but now, due to the urgency and complexity of interpretation of the adopted anti-crisis legal acts, they resort to the help of consultants,

— continues Oleg Ganyushin.

In the meantime, the quarantine measures have helped some of their clients recall cases and projects that were previously postponed due to the high workload of current issues.

In large-scale business, these are issues of large-scale reorganizations and optimization of processes, in the framework of personal appeals, for example, family and marriage issues,

— concludes Oleg Ganyushin.

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