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“In the Name of Petersburg! Ways to include the city in the company name” — Irina Salnaya for Delovoy Peterburg

2 years after the adoption of a high-profile act regulating the use of the word "Saint Petersburg" in the names of legal entities, there is a specific instruction on how to do this. There are only six points in it, and it is enough to complete at least one of them.

At the moment, there are thousands of legal entities registered in St. Petersburg which have the words "Petersburg" or "Saint Petersburg" in their names. When asked whether they will have to change their name if they can't meet Smolny's conditions, the lawyers say no.

Another question is whether the word "Piter" can be used in the title.

As for the word "Piter", it is unlikely that it is fully applicable to the project, since it is used in colloquial speech and is a jargon,

— says Irina Salnaya, a lawyer at the Prime Advice Law Office.

It also indicates that the Federal Tax Service when registering legal entities is guided by federal legislation (the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the act on state registration, etc.), which does not prohibit the use of regional names.

That is, at the moment, refusal to register a company whose name contains an indication of a subject of the Russian Federation is possible only if such an indication is considered by the registration authority as a designation contrary to public interests. However, such an interpretation, in our opinion, is doubtful and unlikely,

— Irina Salnaya concludes.

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