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“Literal interpretation vs ambiguity of terms: how to interpret so as not to push ‘too much’? (nuances of applying the principle of ‘interpretation only in case of ambiguity’)” — Tatyana Tereshchenko’s blog

Discussion disclaimers

The interpretation has many controversial issues, including the number and content of principles, techniques, and canons of interpretation. Each question is complex, multi-faceted and deserves independent research.

In this sense, any post is more a statement of the problem and an invitation to discussion than a complete and exhaustive solution.

Principles of interpretation. "Interpretation only in the case of ambiguity"

The principles of interpretation are the basic ideas that determine the logic and application of all other interpretation tools.

In this sense, the development of an algorithm for applying the principles of interpretation is a priority task of law enforcement.

One of the principles of interpretation is "interpretation only in case of ambiguity".

Using the example of Article 431 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and the simulated situation, I want to illustrate the difficulties that arise when applying this principle.

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