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«The moratorium on bankruptcy: what will happen to the business tomorrow» — Ekaterina Mikhalskaya speech at the RBC online conference

The current external situation has led to a significant deterioration of the business situation in many industries. Many companies have "credit encumbrances", and real estate is the subject of collateral for loans. Owners, investors, tenants and banks are in a difficult situation. The state is also involved in the ongoing processes both as a regulator and, in some cases, as the owner of objects. There is a high probability of bankruptcies, defaults, redistribution and seizure of assets.

How the past year has affected the bankruptcy industry, and how it will affect business, Ekaterina Mikhalskaya, managing partner of Prime Advice, told at the RBC conference on the moratorium on bankruptcies. Representatives of law firms, banks, and businesses shared their forecasts about the new market configuration that will emerge from the current crisis.

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