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“The Supreme Court evaluated the case of the non-received fine” — Oleg Ganyushin for

Person was punished with increased penalty for not paying the fine on time. The courts ignored his words that he did not receive the order, and even the response of the post office, where they could not find evidence of delivery or return of the letter. The case was reviewed by the Supreme Court.

Lawyers often face the fact that the principal was not notified of a fine, dispute or recovery, says Oleg Ganyushin, lawyer of Prime Advice Law Firm. He tells of a client who only found out about the debt when the bailiff's office seized his accounts.

It turned out that for a whole year there was a process to recover money for unaccounted for electricity consumption, a decision was made, the writ of execution went to the bailiffs,

 Ganyushin says. And all notifications, according to him, went to the address with an error in the street name. The appeal took this into account. The lawyer managed to get the case reviewed.

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