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“A conscientious business risks losing property during large purchases” — Vitalii Parshonkov for Delovoy Peterburg

In transactions with real estate, stocks and cars, the well-known thesis "the customer is always right" does not work. Often the buyer has to prove his good faith, which is not easy.

Without bankruptcy — going nowhere

Vitalii Parshonkov, a lawyer at Prime Advice, identifies two areas that are important for business, where the issue of the acquirer's integrity is significant. These are bankruptcy and corporate disputes.

In bankruptcy, the relevance is usually due to the financial interests of creditors in the struggle for the debtor's assets, which, as a rule, turn out to be just an unscrupulous acquirer as a result of a chain of asset withdrawal transactions. The acuteness of the problem of the acquirer's integrity in corporate disputes is due to the fact that the question of the actual management of the business is at stake,

— explains Vitalii Parshonkov.

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