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“A failed idea or a chance to escape: St. Petersburg is close to mandatory vaccination” — Tatyana Tereshchenko for Delovoy Peterburg

St. Petersburg, as it has already happened since the beginning of the pandemic, may follow Moscow and introduce mandatory vaccination for service sector workers. Delovoy Peterburg asked the lawyer if it was legal.

Mandatory vaccination is an interference with privacy,

— comments Tatyana Tereshchenko, the head of the analytical direction of Prime Advice:

This means that in order to create a legal framework that is legal in all respects, it is necessary to make comprehensive changes not only at the regional, but also at the federal level. Not yet, not yet. It can be assumed that for a variety of reasons, including due to the length of the legislative process.

She assesses the decisions taken in Moscow ambiguously.

Perhaps it is worth saying that this is such a very urgent recommendation, which, due to its urgency, loses its absolutely recommendatory character. The reason for such a comment is the fact that so far both the decree of the sanitary doctor and the decree of the mayor of Moscow do not contain any indication that such vaccination is mandatory under the threat of a fine. In general, this is logical, since it is necessary to create a legal, including administrative, basis for imposing a fine,

— the lawyer notes.

The probability of the adoption of such acts in St. Petersburg also exists,

Tatyana Tereshchenko believes.

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