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“A war in bankruptcy: how to collect debts in a pandemic” — Anna Volynets on the materials of Delovoy Peterburg’s “Bankruptcy 2021” business breakfast

The catastrophic situation with debt collection has worsened in the context of the pandemic. In most cases, bankruptcy cases only result in new losses for creditors. These and other problems of declaring companies insolvent and paying off debts were discussed by the participants of the business breakfast "Bankruptcy 2021" held by Delovoy Peterburg. Anna Volynets, lawyer, Project Manager of "Prime Advice", spoke on the topic "Settlement agreements in bankruptcy. Is bad peace better than a good war?"

The past year was difficult for lenders. Formally, the number of recognized insolvent legal entities decreased, but the boom of bankruptcy of private individuals began. A considerable part of them are the managers and owners of companies brought to subsidiary responsibility.

In this situation, Anna Volynets suggests to think about whether the sheepskin is worth the dressing.

Even the Federal Tax Service published a "manifesto" with a call to recall the agreements of lawsuit, the conclusion of which contributes to the preservation of the country's economy. Often, reconciliation decisions are made by the parties against the background of fatigue from the struggle, which is sometimes looks hopeless. But there are other reasons. For example, companies participating in state orders and other tenders are interested in settlement agreements, since the introduction of a competitive procedure excludes the conclusion of new contracts and often leads to the termination of already concluded contracts,

— says Anna Volynets.

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Photo: Sergey Ermokhin / "Delovoy Peterburg"