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“„Everyone agreed voluntarily‘: mandatory vaccination is already in St. Petersburg’ — Tatyana Tereshchenko for Delovoy Peterburg

Mandatory vaccination actually came to the enterprises of St. Petersburg working in the service sector. Employers are seeking a 60% share of vaccinated people, without waiting for an order from "above". At the same time, they claim that everything happens exclusively voluntarily.

Several companies reported that they do not require mandatory vaccination from their employees, because it is illegal.

Mandatory vaccination is an interference with the inviolability of private life,

— comments Tatyana Tereshchenko, head of the analytical department of Prime Advice:

However, Article 55 of the Constitution allows the restriction of rights by law in the interests of public safety and public health. There is no corresponding regulatory framework yet, since it is necessary to make comprehensive changes not only at the regional, but also at the federal level. However, we can assume that this is a matter of time.

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