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“How not to run into fraud lawyers” — Ekaterina Mikhalskaya for Moyka78

In St. Petersburg, law enforcement officers covered a firm of fraud lawyers who were able to deceive pensioners by offering their services for fabulous money. In total, the villains managed to lure out more than 10 million rubles.

Ekaterina Mikhalskaya, managing partner of Prime Advice, told how to distinguish a real lawyer from a fraudster:

You should find information about the lawyer or lawyer with whom you are going to work: in which law school or in which law firm this lawyer works, whether he is marked with legal ratings, what are the reviews about this company, look at the website, read the news.

It is also important to know the specialization of this company: if you turn to lawyers to solve a problem from one branch of law, and the organization specializes in another, then you should not expect any enchanting success.

Therefore, in the aggregate, the choice of a consultant is like the choice of a doctor. When choosing, you can listen to the recommendations of your friends or colleagues, you can search for information yourself. In addition, there are now many Russian and foreign ratings: they evaluate lawyers and the cases they conduct.

When you want to find consultants who specialize in this field with your problems, you need to start with Russian ratings: for example, these are "Pravo 300", "Kommersant" and others.

The price of the consultant's services should correspond to the reputation that this lawyer has. If no one has heard anything about him, and he requests an unreasonably high cost of his services, then this should raise questions.

You can understand a lot from the first meeting with your lawyer: when you talk to a consultant and you understand that he hears you (or does not hear you), what solutions he offers initially, whether he had similar cases before, and how they were resolved.

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