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“Losing the goal, double your efforts” — interview with Ekaterina Mikhalskaya for Bankro.TECH

For how many years have you been involved in bankruptcy?

  • 15 years

Which of the modern lawyers do you consider an authority in bankruptcy?

  • Ainur Shaidullin
  • Rustem Miftakhutdinov
  • Ivan Razumov

3 books that every lucky person should read?

  • "Financier" T. Dreiser
  • "Atlas shrugged" A. Rand
  • "Talks without defeat. The Harvard Method" by R. Fisher and W. Ury

3 provisions that Russian bankruptcy legislation lacks?

  • Rehabilitation procedures in the full version, corresponding to modern world trends.
  • Reform and simplify the cumbersome bidding process.
  • Adequate approaches in law enforcement practice to the activities of arbitration managers, to the persons involved by them.

The 3 most significant changes in bankruptcy in 10 years?

  • Subsidiary liability
  • Bankruptcy of citizens
  • Subordination of requirements

Your most vivid personal impression (achievement or failure) in bankruptcy?

  • It is difficult to single out one thing. But you definitely always feel satisfaction and positive emotions when you see the effective results of the proposed strategy in bankruptcy.

A wish for those who are engaged in bankruptcy

  • When you lose your goal, double your efforts. As a universal approach. But "do not give up and go on till the end" is not always suitable. Often in bankruptcy, you need the courage to fix a loss in the current situation and continue to go in the other direction.

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