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“On the Vyborg side, they sell neighborhood to Brudny” — Oleg Ganyushin for Delovoy Peterburg

Near the possessions of Grigory Brudny on the Vyborg embankment, a land plot is for sale. The current owner received it, despite the decision of the Supreme Court, and is going to earn five times more than they spent.

The auction for the sale of a land plot with two non-residential buildings located on it took place in 2019. At the initial price of 30.6 million rubles, Peninsula LLC bought it for 39.78 million rubles. But one of the applicants, who was not allowed to bid, complained to the FAS in Moscow. The antimonopoly authority ordered to cancel the results of the auction and return the property to the bankruptcy estate. Peninsula appealed the order in court and reached the Supreme Court, which upheld the document of the Federal Antimonopoly Service. However, at the same time, the company went the other way and filed a lawsuit against SU-155 with a demand to transfer the purchased real estate to it. Having lost in the first instance, the plaintiff achieved his goal in the second. The decision of the 13 Court of Appeal of August 24, 2020, according to the Electronic Justice database, was not appealed.

To win the case, the second party had to appeal the auction and the purchase and sale agreement, said Oleg Ganyushin, lawyer, project manager of Prime Advice. However, this was not done, and the statute of limitations is one year.

At the moment, a potential buyer of objects is protected by the judicial Act 13AAS on the registration of the property right of Peninsula LLC and the expiration of the statute of limitations for challenging the transaction concluded based on the results of the auction,

— he says.

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