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“Saint Petersburg business has intensified the processes of mergers and acquisitions” — Alexandra Khaustova’s comment for Business Petersburg

The determining factors of the M&A market in 2022 will be the current state of the economy, which has not yet recovered from the pandemic, and the rise in the cost of credit money due to the Central Bank's increase in the key rate, experts say. Most likely, they will reduce the total volume of transactions involving private capital, according to Prime Advice.

Alexandra Khaustova, Leading Lawyer of Prime Advice:

The average check of a transaction, which can be called really large by Russian standards, starts from $ 100-200 million. In Saint Petersburg, contracts of this scale are rare, so for the Northern Capital, 1 billion rubles can be considered such a threshold. This is due to the fact that the concentration of large businesses is significantly lower than in the capital. It is characteristic that M&A transactions within Saint Petersburg do not occur so often — mostly large St. Petersburg companies are interested in, on the contrary, reaching the all-Russian level and strengthening their presence in other regions of the country.

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