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“The state Corporation has foreclosed on the assets of Ebralidze in the Tver region” — Ekaterina Mikhalskaya for Delovoy Peterburg

VEB.RF has foreclosed on the assets of St. Petersburg billionaire Alexander Ebralidze in LLC "Modern Technologies of Wood Processing" (MTWP).

As part of the examination, it will be extremely difficult to establish the value of the shares of MTWP, says Ekaterina Mikhalskaya, managing partner of the Law Firm "Prime Advice". According to the financial statements for 2020, the company had assets in the amount of 29 billion rubles, and its total liabilities reached 44 billion rubles.

The quality of assets at the same time leaves much to be desired: accounts receivable — 5.9 billion rubles, which with a revenue of 6.5 billion looks at least suspicious: buyers, in fact, do not pay a year from the date of purchase,

Ekaterina Mikhalskaya summarizes.

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