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“The State Duma will provide billionaires with a posthumous service” — Tatyana Tereshchenko’s comment for Delovoy Peterburg

The State Duma decided to facilitate the transfer of business by inheritance with the help of special funds. In fact, we are talking about a new service for wealthy people — it will be available to those whose fortune exceeds 100 million rubles.

Russian businesses create such funds, but only abroad. Not because it is better there, but because foreign regulation of funds is well thought out, taxation issues are legally resolved and a rich practice has already been accumulated. There is no confidence in Russian standards yet,

— says Tatiana Tereshchenko, head of the analytical department of Prime Advice.

She is skeptical about the new draft law, pointing out a number of technical inconsistencies, but considers it right to develop Russian legislation regulating business inheritance.

It is noteworthy that the new challenges of reality make us look for ways out of the situation,

— she says.

Statistics show an increase in the number of prenuptial agreements concluded over the past year, which, all other things being equal, allows us to determine the fate of property. Similarly, the institution of the executor is quite a working one, although there are many questions. In other words, in Russian practice, alternative instruments are still in demand, but not because there is no need for personal funds, but simply because of non-functioning regulation.

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