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“Wasted savings: Sochi resort moved to St. Petersburg courts” — Irina Zimina for Delovoy Peterburg

Granit Group of Companies appealed its loss in the dispute with Gazprom Socinvest LLC. It believes that the money saved was not shared with it.

The terms of contract agreements on the contractor's savings and their distribution are mainly common in the field of state contracts, as well as in relations with state corporations. The use of this design is due to the fact that the price of contract work in state contracts, as a rule, is determined by detailed estimates, which allows maximum control of the contractor's expenses. Most often, state contracts provide for the return to the customer of the possible savings of the contractor, which is dictated by special control over the expenditure of budget funds,

– explained Irina Zimina, lawyer of Prime Advice.

The arbitration refused to satisfy the claim, noting: the plaintiff did not object to the signing of the act of acceptance and transfer of works, agreeing with the specified price.

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