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“You can’t pay — give us your business: St. Petersburg faces post-viral redistribution” — Oleg Ganyushin for Business Petersburg

Landlords in St. Petersburg are ready to take over the debts of working business cafes, hotels and other institutions affected by the crisis. Entrepreneurs recall the practices of the 90s and expect a massive change of owners of companies.

Of course, the company's corporate documents can be structured in such a way that the transfer of 51% of the shares in the organization will not mean a complete transfer of control to the lender,

– says the lawyer, project manager of the "Prime Advice" law firm Oleg Ganyushin.

— However, in the realities of Russian business, the offer to take 51% of the shares almost always implies the intention to gain full control over the activities of the organization. For example, if the provisions of the company's charter are standard, the creditor can leave the current management of the debtor (if it is effective), but will be able to change it at any time.

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