Support in bankruptcy proceedings

  • Comprehensive (legal, financial and organizational) support for all categories of debtors.
  • Defense of rights and interests of court-appointed managers against complaints from creditors, authorities, employee representatives, including defense of court-appointed managers in administrative sanction cases.
  • Analysis of legal grounds for bankruptcy applications and possible implications of such applications.
  • Preparation and filing of bankruptcy applications.
  • Expertise of the financial status of the debtor.
  • Representation of the debtor during various stages of bankruptcy proceedings, in creditors' meetings and in court.
  • Legal support during the procedure of appointment of a manager.
  • Contestation of debtor's transactions of transferring assets out of the company.
  • Restitution of illegally sold property.
  • Debt collection.
  • Bringing the debtor's controllers (general manager, founder, etc.) to subsidiary liability (i.e. liability for the company debts with their personal property).